Tyler Eifert Jersey

On Saturday, the Bengals wrapped up the first week of free agency by re-signing TE Tyler Eifert to a one-year deal.

Eifert, who has struggled with injuries ever since being drafted with the 21st overall pick of the 2013 draft, is getting one more chance to prove he can stay healthy and be a big part of the Bengals’ offense.

Even though Eifert has never played a full season in his NFL career, he is one of the best tight ends in the NFL when he is healthy. The Bengals are hoping for as much effort as he can contribute to this offense that always struggles without him.

Though Eifert’s absence wasn’t the only problem the Bengals suffered through last season, the team was 4-1 with him and 2-9 after an ankle injury ended his season prematurely.

We’re not sure how much his contract is worth at this point, but you have to imagine it is heavily incentivized like the one he received last year.

The Bengals did re-sign C.J. Uzomah to a three-year deal earlier this week, so the Bengals have other options at tight end. They also have Mason Schreck and Jordan Franks under contract, but the Bengals may still try to add another TE in the next few weeks.

Either way, there are few players in the NFL that can replicate the production of a healthy Eifert, so we will hope he can stay on the field as much as possible.

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